Your journey toward becoming a solo piano composer

has officially begun


1) Check your email for your first bit of homework. You’ll find a PDF with information to study and complete. You’ll also see a copy of this list as well, so no need to screenshot this page!

2) Mentally prepare yourself to work hard for at least 5 days each week over the next few months. Breathe deep. This course has been known to be pretty intense at times. 

3) Block out at least 60 minutes for 5 days each week to work on this course.

4) Block out an additional 60 minutes on one of those days for our one-on-one weekly meetup.

5) Prepare your piano room for lessons:

— Make sure your Zoom camera is facing you at the keyboard. It doesn’t have to be a perfect view, but I’d like to be able to see your hands on the keys (and your face if possible! 🙂

— Make sure the room is as quiet as you can get it. I realize that not all living situations and times of day are noise-proof, but do the best you can.

6) Once again, get ready to push yourself. You will likely be taken out of your comfort zone- creating piano music of your own can feel extremely vulnerable.

It’s okay- literally every artist has this struggle, so enter into this course knowing that you are amongst the stars and are not alone.

That’s it for now. I can’t wait to begin this journey with you! 

– Josiah